South Carolina Rental Agreement

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The South Carolina lease agreement is a written document that binds both the landlord and the tenant while leasing a property. The contract is about the landlord giving space to the tenant and the tenant making monthly payments. All the South Carolina lease agreements should adhere to the guidelines of the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.

The South Carolina Lease Agreement Binding

The South Carolina lease agreement consists of very high and particular details that make sure that both the landlord and the tenants have clearly understood the contract, what it contains and the part each has to play in the period of doing business together. The period of the lease agreement is typically one year. The South Carolina lease agreement is an official document and it should be treated with the weight it carries. The two parties should therefore study the document with utmost keenness since amending it after the tenant has moved into the house can be cumbersome. According to South Carolina law, landlords cannot access a premise unless a 24 hours notice has been issued.


The landlord should disclose any person that can access the premises or carry out the duty on behalf of the landlord and issue their names and address before the signing of the South Carolina lease agreement.

The landlords or property managers should disclose any structures built before 1978. This is because they are eligible for lead-based paint which can be hazardous to the tenant’s health.

Unequal deposits - in cases where the landlord owns more than 4 premises in the same place and imposes varying security deposit amounts for different houses, then they should go ahead and list the amount and the rules by which they arrived at the given figures. Those rules must be put in a conspicuous place by the landlord or be included in the south Carolina lease agreement.

State Laws

The state law has not set the maximum security deposit. The landlords can use the security deposit to settle issues such as unpaid rent or damaged properties that got damaged during the period of the tenancy.

Landlords have 30 days to return the security deposit after the termination of the contract. The deposit should be returned in full unless there were statutory deductions made.


The South Carolina lease agreement is a written document that binds both the landlord and the tenant. It also ensures that the landlord or their representative cannot access the premise without prior notice of 24 hours.

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