North Carolina (NC) Lease Agreement

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The North Carolina Rental Application is a three paged lease agreement that is used to screen tenants before they assume residence on a premise. The fundamental interests for landlords concerning this document are the tenant’s financial details, their credit history, and their banking information too. The landlord can opt to carry out further research from the tenants’ former landlords to understand the clients’ cooperation in paying their rent.

State Laws

Maximum Application Fee: The law in South Carolina does not dictate how much landlords should ask from the tenants during the screening process.

Security Deposit Limits: For the North Carolina week-to-week residential lease agreement, deposits are restricted to an amount that is equivalent to 2 weeks’ rent. For month-to-month leases, the deposit should be equivalent to 1 and a half months’ rent. For long-term leases, the landlords can ask for even 2 months equivalent of rent.

Returning Deposit: According to the lease agreement In North Carolina, deposits must be refunded within 30 days. If there are deductions to be made from the said deposit, the landlord should not exceed 60 days to refund the balance.

Sending Rental Application Forms

Landlords have an option to send the North Carolina rental application forms to tenants in any of the following ways;

  • Via software - there are most commonly used software services that are available such as CocoDoc for free online. The online application form can automate the collection and screening process for landlords.
  • Manually - With the help of PDF and word templates that are available online for free, Landlords can download them and send them to their tenants through email or give them a hard copy of the same.

Processing a rental application in North Carolina

Once the rental application form in NC has been received, the other step involves screening the tenant using the information provided on the application form. Some of the background search carried out are;

  • Credit- A full credit report is obtained and other tenants’ information such as their income, employment status, past addresses among other issues.
  • Eviction check- this background search is to determine the client’s former eviction filings or any available judgment against them in the past 7 years.
  • Criminal history check - A criminal background search aims at retrieving any criminal records involving the tenant.


Before obtaining a North Carolina residential lease agreement, a prospective client is expected to complete an application and send it back to the landlord for review. Once the landlord carries out the screening process and finds them clean, they will go ahead and offer them residency.

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