Alabama Lease Agreement

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An Alabama rental agreement is a written contract between a landlord and tenant. The purpose of this agreement is to hold a tenant accountable for paying for a property in which they have rented. The document is justified by the law and can be used against either party if they fail to comply with their side of the contract.

Security Deposit

According to the law, the Alabama rental agreement should not exceed one month’s rent for the security deposit. The law however allows the landlord to charge more for pet deposit among other additional charges. The Alabama rental agreements also allow the landlords to use the security deposit for repairs and compensation of unpaid rent. The law also requires the landlord to refund the tenant their deposit within 35 days after eviction. There are however no rules set aside for non-refundable fees, security deposit, and different security deposit bank accounts.

Late Fees

The Residential Lease Agreement Alabama is to be followed by the tenants on the date agreed upon for rent payment. Alabama rental agreement however does not regulate the mode of payment, rental increase notice, late fees, application fees, and prepaid rent. The Alabama lease agreement however permits the tenant to withhold their rent in case the landlord does not provide the basic services. The tenant can also terminate the Alabama residential lease agreement if the landlord exceeds 14 days before providing the services. The tenant will be required to write a notice of the Alabama residential rental lease agreement breach. In that case, the landlord should return the security deposit and the tenant can choose to recover the damage as well as the attorney fees.

Termination and Eviction

If the Alabama residential lease agreement is fixed, there is no need for termination notice. For the month-to-month lease, there is a need for 30 days’ written notice for termination from both the tenant and the landlord. The week-to-week lease calls for 7 days’ written notice.

A 7 days written notice is required to either pay any arrears for rent among other related fees that have been delayed or if the Alabama residential lease agreement is terminated. A 7 days termination notice should be issued for non-payment and lease violation.


Both the landlord and the tenant should equip them with information on the rules and regulations that govern them as they enter into an alabama residential lease agreement contract. This will ensure they have smooth coexistence during the period of the tenancy.

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