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You already may know that lead is an element mainly hazardous to little children and babies. Exposure to lead can be a reason for anemia, weakness, kidney damage, and even brain illness. Lead-based paint was first banned in the U.S. in 1978. It is still painted on buildings, however, in millions of American homes. It still even exists under layers of new paint sometimes making it hard to identify.

What is a Lead paint Disclosure Form?

You'll need the lead-based paint disclosure form to be allotted to all tenants and possible buyers for residential and business properties constructed before 1978. The paint was banned by the U.S. CPSE (Consumer Product Safety Commission) due to the danger it spreads when it breaks. The forms were created to warn any new tenant or buyers of the potential presence of this inside the interior walls of the property. Therefore, if somebody lives in an older home and notices chipping or cracking of paint, they should quickly notify the advised local officials. The lead-based paint disclosure form pdf is available online for download.

Why Do I Need a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure?

The lead paint disclosure form is a lawful necessity for owners, as it assists and protects the tenant from the hazards of lead paint and landlords from legal consequences. Though it might seem old-fashioned to be bothered with lead paint, the use of lead paint wasn’t completely banned until 1978, that's why many homes still contain lead paint dust and debris. The lead paint disclosure form is an important part of the rental process, especially if you rent to families with little children. Take steps to give your new residents all the details they need and assure they have peace of mind that makes a comfortable, healthy home.

If You Have Lead-Based Paint in Your Home

It's important to write that the lead-based paint requirements are about disclosure only. You don't need your home to be inspected before selling or renting it out. If a proposed buyer opts to do a lead-based paint inspection that exposes the presence of lead-based paint, you don't need to remove the paint.

The objective of the lead paint disclosure form is to inform a buyer or tenant of potential lead-based paint risks in their future residence. Once disclosure has been made, the people are free to settle the costs of lead reduction or removal, if wanted. Remember that you don’t have to give this information every time a tenant renews, only when a new tenant is set to sign a lease. There is a free lead-based paint disclosure form available, and you can also create one using tools.

Requirements for Lead-Based Paint Disclosures

To comply with the disclosure needs, landlords have to do the following when selling or renting their property:

  • Provide the proposed buyer or tenant with a copy of the EPA pamphlet labeled Protect Your Family from Lead in Your property
  • Present the disclosure of all known lead-based paint dangers in the home, including any earlier obtained reports
  • Include a completed lead-based paint disclosure form or lead warning description in the contract for the sale or rental of the property, along with proof that you have complied with all the necessities

If selling a property, the landlord must likewise give the buyer 10 days, or another commonly agreed-upon period, to lead a lead-based paint inspection at the buyer's expense.

Homeowners who are hiring property do not need to provide disclosure again when the tenant renews unless there has been any difference in the information. Where the rental property is placed in a multi-unit building with rentals, the disclosure must cover any lead-based paint dangers in the common areas.


To comply with the Disclosure Rule it is our responsibility, as agents, to ensure that the Lead-Based Paint Disclosure is completed correctly and that all parties have signed before, but not later than the contract offer date. A lead paint disclosure form pdf is the easiest way to create a disclosure. Be sure to stay on top of things and don’t allow an agent on the other side of the deal to avoid their duty. A buyer’s broker missing paperwork or signs in their file could be penalized as well, even if the error is made by the other party.

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