Massachusetts Sublease Agreement

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A Residential Sublease is an agreement that is used by a tenant who shall become a landlord by leasing a property they manage as the effect of a master lease. This individual is considered the Sub-Lessor while his/her Tenant is a Sub-Lessee. Usually speaking, the Sub-Lease’s parameters and boundaries will be determined by the master lease the Sub-Lessor holds with the landlord.

Massachusetts Sublease Agreement Form: What Is It?

The sublease contract template gives the ability to quickly form a basic Sublease in a very short amount of time. A Massachusetts sublease agreement form is an agreement between two tenants: a Sublessor and a Sublessee. The Sublessor, the original tenant of the property with a valid lease with the landlord, will agree with the Sublessee, the new tenant who will rent the property in their place.

With the landlord’s written approval, the Sublessee will rent the space for a decided period, or until the initial lease ends. While the Sublessee is leasing the space, the Sublessor’s name will remain on the original lease agreement with the landlord.

Security Deposit On a Sublease

Viewing as the original tenant is still responsible for the subtenant if the property is sublet, the landlord can’t collect higher than one month's rent, under Massachusetts law. If the original tenant does not give any security deposit or if it was less than one month's rent, the landlord can take the security deposit from the subtenant.

How To Write

Step 1 – (SubLessor) Write the full name of the Tenant with the master lease and will determine the position of Landlord in the lease about the Sub-Lessee.

Step 2 – (SubTenant), Provide the full name of the person who will be renting and taking charge of the property in the eyes of this Sublease. This will be the entity giving rent to live there.

Step 3 – (Premises) Write the Address of the leased property.

Step 4 – (Term) Write the duration in years and months of the lease. Then on the next blank spaces, write the start and the end date of the lease.

Step 5 – (Rent Payments) Write the monthly rent in the first place. On the second place enter the calendar day of the month the rent payment is due. Next on the third space given, enter the name of the party getting this payment.

Step 6 – (Agreement Termination) Enter the date this lease shall end with no chance of a hold-up regardless of circumstance.

Step 7 – (Deposit) Enter the security deposit amount the Tenant must present to the Landlord to be permitted to enter this lease.

Step 8 – (Other Terms and Conditions) Report any extra terms to this lease that both Sub-Lessor and Sublessee have accepted.

Step 9 – Next will be the task for all Sub-Lessors and Sub-Tenants to sign their names and give their printed names. Each signature or printed name will have its section.


Subleasing can be good when you want to decrease your cost of rent, but you, as the primary tenant, will be responsible to the landlord for the property. That's why always choose your sub-tenant carefully, also suggest creating an agreement for a short duration first. You can download the sublease contract template online for free and edit contracts with the pdf editor.

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