Short Term Rental Agreement

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Buying an own house is not only too expensive but also very tough these days. That is why many people prefer to stay in a rented house. But there are also other reasons why someone chooses to stay in a rented house.

It could be because their own homes are renovating, or they are in a new place due to some work purpose. It totally depends on the situation of every individual and why they choose to stay in a rented house. Thus, bringing the short rental agreement into the picture.

What Is a Short Term Rental Agreement ?

People stay in a rented house for a short period of time and for a long period of time. It varies from one to another. Usually, they need a lease agreement. The ones who choose to stay in a rented home for a short period of time need a short term rental agreement. If you are one of them then your landlord must have asked you to create a rental agreement template.

You don't need to be confused because we are here to help. We will tell you everything you need to know about short term lease and how to build one. But first, let us tell you what a short term rental agreement is. It can be defined as a legal binding document between the owner of the house and the tenant.

The tenant will pay the rent amount every month to the landlord and in return will occupy the property of the landlord. This is made for a short period of time. A short rental agreement creates a mutual understanding between the two parties that lowers the risk of any type of future conflicts.

When to Use a Short-Term Rental Agreement?

A short term rental agreement should be used in the times when renting a furnished property for a time period of six months or less than that. People use these short rental agreements or month-to-month lease agreements when they are renting their houses during vacations or short visits to the people i.e. just for a few days only.

You can create these temporary rental agreements for these people who are basically tourists or download short term lease agreement templates from the internet.

What to Include in a Short-Term Rental Agreement?

Now we know what a short term rental agreement is. Let's know what are things that need to be included in these short term lease templates.

    • Details of the premises

You need to give the details of the property that includes the description and details of the amenities in the temporary rental agreement.

    • Details of both the parties

Details of the guests need to be included i.e. the party who is going to be the renter.

    • Time period

The time period of rent needs to be mentioned in the short term lease template. It should be like the starting date of the rent to the ending date of the rent.

    • Rules and regulations

The rules and regulations need to be included in the short term rental lease.

    • Check-in and check-out procedures

The check-in procedure and the check-out procedure needs to be included in the short term rental contract.

    • Payment details

Other details like the rent, deposit, payment details, payment procedures need to be mentioned.

    • Cancellation and refund

The cancellation policy and the refund policy need to be included in the short term lease.

    • Signing

Lastly, the signature of the owner and the guests who are going to occupy the property needs to be taken. In case you are not physically present, you can sign the agreement electronically with CocoDoc.

How to Write a Rental Agreement for Vacation or Short-Term Stays?

If you are looking for the right information that can tell you how you can write a short term lease on vacations then read the points given below.

    • The laws

You need to check the local requirements i.e. the local and the state laws in your state. Check if short term rental agreements on vacation are restricted or not.

    • Risk of property damage

Check the risk of damage that your property has to bear because of the constant coming in and going out of the guests. Make sure that you are not harming your property.

    • Details of the property

Thirdly you need to mention the details of the property and describe the amenities present there. Include amenities details in the rental agreement template that comes with the property like the wifi availability, washer and dryer, swimming pools, parking, CCTV and more.

    • Information of both parties

You will have to write down the information of the guest and yourself in the short rental agreements. Do not forget to mention their contact details.

    • Rules and regulations

Mention the rules and regulations in the short term rental agreement that includes smoking, pets, cancellation, refund policies, damage to the property and others.

    • Check-in and check-out procedures

Explain the check-in and the check out procedure in the lease template. Do not forget to mention the payment procedures too.

    • Payment details

While mentioning the payment details make sure you include the rental cost along with the total amount due. Include the payment procedure in the short term lease agreement.

    • Signature

The last procedure is to sign the short term lease contract. The signature of both the parties i.e. the guest and the owner needs to be taken.

It is important to make a short term lease agreement so that there are no disagreements or conflicts in the future. Show the guest sample short term rental agreement so that they can read it and agree to it before both parties come to any conclusion.

Now that you know how to create a short term rental agreement, you can make one on your own or you can simply download a short term rental agreement PDF and print them out. Make sure it has all the necessary details that you need for your renting property.


What is a Vacation Lease?

A vacation lease can be defined as a short term rental lease. These are totally perfect for those who are looking forward to renting their properties for a few days or weeks.

What is included in a Vacation Rental Agreement?

The things that need to be included in a vacation rental agreement are the check-in and check-out procedures, the amenities, inclusions and cleaning policies, no parties that cause noise pollution policies if there are any, pets, exclusions and more.

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