Missouri Lease Agreement

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The Missouri residential lease agreement is a written document that bides both the tenant and the landlord to certain legal measures on leasing out a space and occupancy of the same. Both the landlord and the tenant are demanded to observe everything that is contained in the lease agreement.

Requirements of a Missouri Rental Agreement

There are standard requirements that the federal law expects every lease/rental agreement to contain. The following are some of the mandatory requirements for all Missouri rental agreement;

  • Name and contact information for both the landlord and the tenant
  • Address of the property
  • Pet rules
  • Disclosures and details concerning any health threat in the premise and safety measures
  • Amount of rent to be paid and date by which it should be paid

However, the requirements of a Missouri rental agreement differ from state to state. Every landlord or tenant is required to familiarize themselves with the Missouri residential lease agreement so that they can come up with a good lease that will cater to both the financial and legal rights of both parties.


According to Missouri Federal Law, landlords should issue a disclosure of any knowledge of methamphetamine manufacturing, usage, or storage and should be indicated in the Missouri residential lease agreement.

For all the properties that were constructed before 1978, the federal law of the United States authorizes that landlords should disclose the risks associated with lead-based paints. The landlords in Missouri are therefore expected to;

  • Fill in a lead-based paint disclosure form and attach it to the Missouri residential lease agreement.
  • Issue an EPA-approved pamphlet on the risks of lead-based paint to the tenants.
  • Give any extra information concerning the presence of any known lead-based risk or record of hazard that has been detected in any unit of the premice.

Landlord and Tenant Laws

There are different expectations for landlords and tenants by the law when executing the residential lease agreement in Missouri;

Security Deposit

A landlord is only allowed to ask for more than 2 months’ rent as the security deposit.

The landlord should refund the security deposit after 30 days from the day a tenant vacates the house.

Landlord Rights of Entry

A landlord is not required by the residential lease agreement Missouri to issue a notice to the tenants before they start living in the property.

Duties of Tenants

Tenants are required by the residential lease agreement Missouri to dispose of their garbage responsibly.

They should keep off from using electricity, heat, and plumbing fixtures and only use them reasonably.


In accordance with the Missouri rental agreement form, a landlord should provide to the tenants all the details of the property manager who can access the premises on their behalf or demand or give notices to tenants on their behalf. Also, you can use CocoDoc to edit the documents or agreements online.

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