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Whether you’re a first-time tenant or you’ve been searching for a while, and looking to rent a new property, it’s necessary to sign a rental agreement and to understand the terms of your agreement. As the same, if you're the owner of the property and renting it to anyone, you should also sign a rental agreement. All you need for that is just an internet connection to download the form online. Whether you are creating an agreement or contract, you can get the templates online, and it will make your work easier.

What Is a Basic Rental Agreement?

A basic rental agreement is the blueprint of a tenancy. It sets out the rights and duties of both the landlord and the tenants. You can download the free printable basic rental agreement online. It’s not only a required agreement that the individuals can enforce in court; as it is it’s also a highly effective document full of essential agreement details, such as how long the tenants can keep the property and the amount of rent due every month. The agreement will include specific information about the property itself, the duration of the agreement, and the charges payable by the tenant. You can create this basic rental agreement, if you are a broker then having online PDF editing tools like CocoSign is a must. You can automate the document workflow across your office.

Why Do You Need a Rental Agreement?

When entering into a rental agreement, both landlord and tenant will have several rights and responsibilities. A written rental agreement makes clear exactly what is expected of each party during the rental or lease. In other words, the rental agreement is the security between both parties. Don't be stressed about the legality of the documents, the legality of the documents online works as well as offline. You can use the basic rental agreement legally when any dispute between both the tenant and landlord. It will also defend both you and your tenant from future misunderstandings.

While (in theory) a nominal agreement can be binding, it can be very hard to prove in court. An agreement signed by tenant and landlord, on the other hand, is clear evidence that both you and your tenant knew exactly what your respective obligations were and the steps that may be taken should these commitments not be met. Once the agreement has been signed, both parties must adhere to it. If there are inconsistencies, the rental agreement can be used to decide who is in the right. If anything breaks, for instance, the agreement should decide who is liable for the repairs.

How to Complete Basic Lease Agreement?

When you’re creating a simple rental agreement, it’s always helpful to have the essential information you need on hand to simplify the process and prevent delays.

Here is the information you may need to complete the rental agreement include:

    • Basic information about the specific property - This involves the full address of the house, the name of the landlord, their contact information, and a summary of the property, for instance, how many bedrooms it has and floors, etc.
    • Information of the security deposit - How much money is due and when the charge is payable.
    • Names of tenants and contact details - It may also be needed to gather information about the policy on visitors and guests. Some agreements have restrictions for the duration of visits of guests.
    • Details related to the maintenance of the home - Some landlords take charge of repairs. This part should contain information about who will manage repair and maintenance work.
    • About furnishing and tools - What is given by the landlord? For example, Is a tenant allowed to decorate the interior wall?
    • Parking provisions - Is parking covered in the rent, or is there an additional charge?

When all of these points are checked by you both tenant and landlord, you can sign this agreement. If you are not physically present there, you can still sign the PDF document online with CocoDoc.


When you wish to offer a rental agreement, you must know who your tenant is. Thoroughly vetting your rental candidates can help to assure you that you’re getting the right person in your rental property. The simple rental agreement covers the essentials and should be enough for most rentals and residential leases. However, if you want to add or amend terms according to your requirements, you can add a point or edit the document.


What Is the Difference Between Rent Agreement and Lease Agreement?

A lease provides the tenant the right to live in a home for a fixed period — normally 12 months, but it could be any period varying from three months to 24-plus months. Rental agreements are very comparable to lease agreements. The biggest difference between a basic lease agreement and a rental agreement rests in the length of the agreement. Unlike a long-term lease agreement, a rental agreement gives tenancy for a smaller period—usually 30 days. Whether you are renting a house or leasing it, you can create any type of legal document with your terms & conditions.

Can a Landlord Change Terms After Signing an Agreement?na?

You and your landlord are both tied to the terms of your agreement, but nothing remains forever. While your landlord can't modify the terms in the middle of your agreement, he can decline to renew it under the same terms. When your current lease expires, your landlord can offer you a new one with modified terms and conditions. You may decide to sign the new agreement, despite the changes, or find a new property with more agreeable terms. If you have a month-to-month agreement, your landlord must usually inform you of any expected changes 30 days before they go into impact.

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