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Rental applications are used when receiving applications for a rental property in an apartment, but they can be accepted for all sorts of residential rental properties, including rooms in boarding homes, rental bungalows, and holiday properties.

What is the Pennsylvania Rental Agreement?

The Pennsylvania Rental Agreement is a form given to a prospective landlord from a tenant to determine their fitness as a tenant. Proposed tenants will be asked to enter personal information into the rental application form of PA that will allow the landlord to review their honesty and trustworthiness as a tenant. The landlord will also check employment and rental history, credit scores, criminal history, and past landlords as well. Once the applicant completes the form, the lessor will have given the tools required to decide the best possible tenant for your property. Like all states, Pennsylvania is also mandated by the federal Fair Housing Act, which protects all renters and buyers from landlord and seller unfairness. The Fair Housing Act declares it illegal for anyone to frighten, threaten, scare, or interfere with any person using a fair housing right or supporting others exercise their rights.

Why should I Use a Pennsylvania Rental Agreement?

The rental application form of PA gives landlords and property managers a well-organized way to collect information on prospective tenants.

The form can be used to obtain the information you require to contact the applicant's past landlords for references, as well as perform a credit check and criminal background check by a merchant providing those services.

The information being gathered is also used to define if a prospective tenant can comply with the lease terms, such as being able to make the monthly rent payment and maintenance of the property.

What to Write in a Rental Application Form of PA?

These are the details commonly captured in a PA rental lease or application:

  • Location of the property
  • Recommended terms of the lease, including lease term and rent amount
  • Security deposit amount (if a deposit is required)
  • The applicant's name and contact details
  • The applicant's residential rental records, including names and contact information for past landlords
  • The applicant's employment history, with job details and monthly income
  • If the applicant has a pet or not, and if so, the type and breed of pet
  • The applicant's vehicle type and details


There are free Pennsylvania rental agreement forms available, you can download and edit the lease agreement templates according to your requirements. There is no Pennsylvania law mandating application charges for a tenant, or preventing non-refundable application charges.

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