Hawaii Rental Agreement

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The Hawaii Rental Agreement is a lease management contract that contains the terms and conditions governing renting and occupancy of an apartment. The document allows the tenant and the landlord to negotiate on certain matters such as how much to be paid, the method, and the time of payment. The law requires the landlord to provide clear information to the tenant before signing the contract.

Details Contained in the Hawaii Residential Lease Agreement

The federal law expects landlords of all states to include certain details in the lease contract. Some of those details are;

  • Tenant/landlord details - The names and current addresses of both parties should be included.
  • Property address - the physical address of the property should be clearly indicated.
  • Pets - The contract should mention whether pets are allowed on the premises among other rules concerning pets.
  • Health risks - any identifiable health risks should be mentioned.
  • Rent specifications - The amount of rent to be paid, deposits, the dates payments should be made and the mode of payment.

Disclosure Information

  • Property condition form - According to Hawaii Residential Lease Agreement, the landlord should avail a copy of the current condition of the property inclusive of any furnishing or appliances.
  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure - The federal law mandated the landlords to provide disclosure to all new occupants if the property was built before 1978.
  • Identification - In line with the lease agreement in Hawaii, landlords should provide a disclosure of the people allowed within the premises. They should also avail their tax exercise number to the occupants so that they can apply for a low-income tax credit if need be.

State Laws

Maximum security deposit -According to the law, tenants should not agree to a security deposit that exceeds one month’s rent while filling in the Hawaii rental application form.

Pet deposit -The landlord can ask for a pet deposit.

Allowable use of funds -The security funds paid by a tenant can be used to repair any damages or cover debts that tenants may be owing to a landlord. If a tenant does not return keys, the deposit can be used to replace them.

Giving back security deposits- after the termination of a Hawaii lease agreement, the landlord should refund the tenant’s security deposit after 14 days.


There are many free printable Hawaii rental agreement templates that could guide landlords in drafting contracts between them and the tenants. The Hawaii rental application and Hawaii rental agreement 2017 templates can be found online too. They provide clear guidance for both landlord and tenants to know what is expected from both photos.

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