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Oregon is stated to have more ghost towns than any other region in the Union, but still has a renter quantity of approximately 38 percent. With such a large renting quantity, Oregon landlords and property managers have many difficulties in maintaining the domestic rental property and Oregon rental agreement, including having and maintaining knowledge of stringent landlord-tenant laws.

What is Oregon Rental Lease Agreement?

An Oregon Rental Agreement is a document that sets a legally binding relationship where steady payments are exchanged for the freedom to use the rental property. The Oregon rental agreement is formed between a landlord and tenants. The common rental term is twelve months, although the agreement can be edited and updated to show any time desired by the parties. The Oregon rental agreement covers various topics relating to both parties, such as rental payments, service responsibilities, pets, furnishings, default, security deposits, landlord/tenant virtues, and much more.

What Happens If the Landlord or Tenant violates the Lease?

If the landlord is in violation, the tenant will be required to give a certified letter stating the violation and after a certain number of days pass the tenant will be permitted to end the lease. Also, the tenant may be entitled to losses.

Examples: Not making a required repair, not shedding snow from the parking area, entering the property without the tenant’s permission, etc.

If the tenant is in violation, the landlord will be needed to give the tenant a notice to end that represents the violation and how to “correct” the issue. The tenant will only have a certain number of days by State law. For example, in most states, a tenant that is late on rent will usually have three to fourteen days to pay or leave the property.

What Disclosures Must Be Made in Oregon Lease Agreement?

Several disclosures must be made in the Oregon lease agreement:

  • The landlord must disclose whether anyone can work on their behalf or be permitted into the leased property on their behalf.
  • The landlord needs to disclose if the property has a carbon monoxide origin such as a heater or any machine. If so, they must add carbon monoxide alarms.
  • If the property is in the 100-year flood plain, that needs to be disclosed to the tenant.
  • If the property has four or more sections and is in the Urban Growth Boundary, the landlord must give information on recycling.
  • Landlords must give a Smoking Policy Guide. It must be initialed and approved or signed by the tenant.
  • It must be disclosed to the tenant if the landlord or other tenants profit from fees paid.
  • If the residential unit was built before 1978, the landlord must reveal the possibility of lead paint.

How to Write a Standard Oregon Lease Agreement

You should include the following details in a standard Oregon lease agreement:

  • The name and address of both the tenant & landlord
  • The name of all occupant who will live on the property
  • Whether the residential property is furnished or includes devices. If included, the lease should list which furnishings or devices are given
  • The date the lease term starts and the date that it ends
  • The amount of rent that must be paid each month, the date it is due, and how it should be paid
  • Whether the landlord will charge for late fees
  • Write the amount paid as the first month’s rent
  • The amount provided as a security deposit
  • Whether subletting is allowed
  • Whether the parking is assigned
  • What will happen if the property is sold
  • The landlord’s right to entry with proper notice
  • Which utilities the landlord will pay and which the tenant will pay
  • How the tenant may request improvements
  • Whether early termination of the lease is possible
  • If pets are allowed
  • How the tenant may surrender the property
  • A place for an address for both the tenant and landlord so they may receive legal notifications
  • A place for the name and address of any agent or manager authorized to act on behalf of the landlord

The Oregon lease agreement must be signed by both parties for it to be legally binding.


Landlords and property managers have duties far behind understanding the laws about landlord-tenant matters. You should carefully fill in all the required information. Download the rental application form of Oregon or create your own according to your terms of leasing the property.

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